Invasive Surgery

In our area of implantology, the patient receives surgery to recover lost pieces. Our implantologists are surgeons with the ability to make ambulatory medical operations, such as wisdom tooth extraction and implant placement.

The main role is the recovery of lost pieces. Our professionals analyse the patient’s profile to apply in each case different surgical techniques.




he oral balance is the main benefit of these treatments, since a stable and correct occlusion or bite, with all parts, as in his day had the patient is guaranteed.


Applied Technology


Digital Radiography

In Uniclinic dental clinics, we have the most advanced digital radiography to detect the need for the use of an implant in a patient. Among the many and varied existing techniques, it highlights the periapical ray, which allows making X-rays and much localized small areas of the mouth.

Last Generation

We have the latest technological means in implantology, such as micromotors surgery, conscious sedation (the laughing gas) and the diagnostic test as osstel (a kind of sonar that offers information integration thereof)


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