Child Orthodontics


In Uniclinic we resort to preventive treatment, using appropriate techniques and habits that allow you to modify and improve the initial teething, for example, having very compressed jaw.

In this area several cases, such as children who have bad swallows (swallowing bad food) because they move the tongue forward when they eat and did not make the scan correctly, can be presented. For all these cases, we use preventive techniques of child orthodontics.




A good occlusion or bite is one of the main consequences that a patient undergoes preventive orthodontics is, which impacts on increased durability of dental pieces.

Hygiene and good dental health is also an important benefit of the child orthodontics because, good techniques and hygiene habits, greatly ensure the success of these treatments.


Applied Technology


More than a hundred treatments

In our clinics we have over a hundred children’s orthodontic treatments that adapt to each case presented by the patient. For example, when the child does not correctly, sweep the tongue to eat, it is causing a transformation of the jaw. In these cases, it is placed a device to force yourself to correct tongue movement. In other cases, it is used, for example, masks to modify the maxilla.


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